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We invite you to join our mailing and emailing lists. We periodically send out information that we think you will find interesting, such as notices of upcoming releases of our critically acclaimed wines, information about and invitations to events, news about Cosmos Cellars, etc. If you currently enjoy our wines or are interested in them we think you will enjoy receiving information from us.

Please note that we do not give out, share, sell, loan, or let anyone anywhere use our private mailing lists in any way, shape or form - ever. You will only receive stuff from us, period. We respect your privacy and the trust you place in us by giving us your contact information. Cosmos Cellars is dedicated to maintaining your privacy and making the internet a safe and trusting environment.

Besides joining our mailing and/or email lists you can also opt out of our lists by choosing the appropriate selections below. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your personal information and our privacy policy.

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